Walking in the Dark Night of the Soul

Have you ever felt like getting up and dance to the musical silence

from the lyrical air?, moving your body without any care

denouncing fear, ignoring empty ‘chairs’

tell me,

do feel like counting the stars? how many? that’s your blessing

that’s a deep message, self explanatory, a subtle lesson

my vocabulary lessens

tell me,

do feel like sitting in front that mirror looking at yourself,

thinking why do we try?, why do we fight?

why not just sleep until ‘it’ rolls over or you just rolls over

we sleep hoping to see the other day

tell me

it’s not easy walking in the Dark Night of our soul

how cold



writing words randomly, no thinking if they are fitting in

if they make any sense, if they possess any presence

no specific topic no particular direction, no uplifting message

no meaning no feelings, just spectacular creativity

tapping into the universe’s divinity

sparking the big bang activity

spreading all that energy, yes, inner g

a little elevated, or a little crazy

your choice or your story, yours for the writing

chapters after chapters after chapters

writing words randomly, no thinking if they fitting in….


Tell your story

Tell the world how you are suffering
Tell the world how you are hurting
Share your pain
Find your heart, know your soul
Find your warmth, clear the storm
Move forward, move towards
Another goal
Build in it
Work on it
Don’t count your losses
They are meant for weights
We suffer in success but grow in pain


You left my heart
Now you are in my in my memories
On my mind, thinking are we enemies
Tell me please
Occasionally exchanging energies
Ignoring our inner G
Why are we holding out?
Are you waiting on the universe
To say hey look
You were meant
Now your love is spent

Music your escape

…Think about it there is lyrics for your every emotion

There is words to move that notion, jump start to set your heart in motion

There is a song to match your mood, bring out the good stuff

Listen to the lyrics meaning, those words are redeeming

Make no mistake its influential seeming

It will take you on a ride, it takes you mainstreaming

No life jacket, just a key and locket,   what? To protect your socket?

Need to be lifted? Listen to a message from the gifted…

2016 freestyle session

I am back again

To write lines from my mind

With this pen, paper in hand

Listening my mental

Riding the flow, gently

Going beyond the boundary

Stepping beyond myself

Out my comfort zone

Stretching these worn out bones

Telling a story, a ballad

Moving towards an unknown destination

Mind travelling

2016 I should be known, The Unspoken

But karma is not so friendly

Life is all but deadly

We search for love, for company

We search for enemies to be allies

Protagonist to your own story

Antagonist to your own glory

Everybody else is just a side character

A supporting cast

Cut that’s a wrap

Take 5!