Everyday Life testes my endurance, my determination

Can I withstand these trials, will I be on top? I want to give up

But I must resist! I must keep moving forward without hesitation

Warden myself against these temptations

Urge is strong, “Stop, why bother, Stop, you won’t make it”

Internal conflict, my lungs constrict

I must resist, I must.


Sometimes it seems the world neglects peace

Leaving her in isolation, alone in the dark, to be raise by the shadows

No one to love her, no one to feed her, no to tell her stories

Ignoring her plea to be of help but she resist negative, always seeking the positive

She resist the taunting of the darkness, rebellion against the teachings of the shadows

 Little did they know, she was the candle that lit the dark.


They tell you who you should be for their liking

Force their ideals on the masses, controlling

Tell us what is wrong or what is right, provoking

Keeping the truth to themselves, reshaping the world

They make rules, we follow, and they themselves break the rules

They give sentences, they judge recklessly, we have fallen victim to their schism

Eating out of the palm of their hands, aren’t you tired, aren’t you frustrated, aren’t you lost

Why not refuse? Why not live? Why not resist?

Rebel? Sleeping souls need an alarm, its pass night time.