Unruffled Mind

Thoughts free from projections
Unevenness of surface not apparent
My mind is unruffled, similar to a calm sea

Life is free flowing, without bends, to some degree
Energy uninterrupted, strong flowing torrent
Conjuring uniform motion to some degree

Bringing about calmness, life is free
Of heavy feelings, at ground zero
A level of comfort, life simulator

You ease the pain with laughter
Washing away all the sorrows bringing hope
Erasing your doubt bringing answers

How much mental and physical effort was spent by chance?
To carry out your everyday tasks, to survive these random occurrence
Of our brain detouring from its original functions

Seems like a bad timing in world with no light, but 24/7 unction
Shedding what little light present on a seemingly lost reality
Representing a beacon of hope where there is none

Those living in the shadows has no reflection, shady, back turned to the sun
But not hidden, relaxed in bath of gloom, life filled with dimness
“To create a sense of shallow relief” are you a painter?

(We only want our life to be smooth
Enough to bring a feeling that is soothing
motivating worthy results from hard work
While living in the shadows is not necessarily dark)

About the poem: I used definitions of four words to compose this poem. started out as a personal prompt to get in the writing mood and it turned into this. I will be trying out this method again in the near future. You could give it too and see what great writing you can come up with. Happy Writing!!

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Into My Mind

Into to My Mind (Villanelle)

How did I end up here? Lost in my head, into my mind

Trapped deep in thoughts, a forest with no exit

 Rows of bookshelves, shadowing the sky, my thoughts unwind


Overthinking overtakes, my thoughts confined

Conflicted with decisions, conflicted with self, where do I fit?

How did I end up here? Lost in my head, into my mind


My imagination untamed, a wild beast, logics sidelined

Based off feelings I made my choices, but not from my heart but my mind I admit

Rows of bookshelves, shadowing the sky, my thoughts unwind


Inside me a world, created to house my inner being, the soul intertwined

I meditate, I sit,I inhale, I exhale,  I think, I slept,  I wake, I am now moonlit?

how did I end up here? Lost in my head, into my mind


So much to say, how do I put it into words? no one notice, I got left behind

Not a part of the Jigsaw, different, but I now love being a misfit

How did I end up here? Lost in my head, into my mind


A storm rages every now and then,  so I withdraw, until the calm, not to be unkind

So give me time, patiences and love, and I will make your life sunlit

How did I end up here? Lost in my head, into my mind

Rows of bookshelves, shadowing the sky, my thoughts unwind


Lately I have written less, no words no sentences no lines,

nothing but mere rhymes, so much thoughts bring disorder

words elude me, what no message from ‘Master Mind’?

ah, another mission less thinking, another motionless hands

when will the day come when words follow through this hands of mine

capturing the beauty of your heart, and the feeling of your mind

filling you with emotion filled Joy,




misunderstanding Judgments

did it return? tell me

are you all tingly inside? like “that’s pretty deep…”

use this rope try climbing out of this one


Thoughts over flowing mind

I cannot hold the line, sleepless nights

how do I stop these thoughts, how do I subdue my wrath

need to release these built up energy

where is my wand, pass me the secret ingredient

by the  flow of this ink from this pen

forge me these words

of emotional elegance, psychological acceptance

deep spiritual transcendence capturing soul,

bind them with smooth charisma, brainwash them to listen

now clear this mind leaving it blank, start a new slate, leading a new fate

now by white of this paper, and everything greater, store these words

bind them to the surface, unable to escape, unable to return

grant me this Discharge,

let me write forever after,

whisper to me your answer, come! mind clearer!

now the spell is cast

what will come of this Writers block tale?

Embrace it live it

Its hidden in the corner its Hidden deep within

hoping to see the light, hoping you will not put up a fight

wanting to be recognized, wanting you to say “hey!, that’s me”

afraid of rejection, you become something else, true-self not true

but not fake, not whole, left with a hole in identity

a conjured reality, for your safety? self protection

becomes self destruction, expression becomes isolated

eyes become dilated at the sight of the monster, you grew to hate

it’s a hostile take over, the ‘you’ you hid is no longer a four leaf clover

its trying to dig its way to the open eating at your confidence

while you choke, its full

only your acceptance, only your love, embrace it, its you

to become whole you have to accept all, show all, remove the mask

life is a self task

its a Journey, its a quest to be conquered

embrace it, live it accept it

The UnSpoken

At That low point (The fourth)

Without end I Search without direction I wonder

No destination in sight, without thoughts I ponder

What have I been doing? What have I been working for?

They say we have freedom we are free, but what is freedom? I am unable to see

Freedom with chains freedom with stains

I want to move forward I want move out of this hole

Remove these chains of self and duty, chains of obligation and procrastination

What is wrong? What is right? What is truth? What is lies?

I seek knowledge but does it seeks me?

I seek purpose but fear causes me lose focus

Mental support? Parental court

Do you know me? Do understand me?

You claim we are blood but you don’t get me

You claim we should come together but we are miles apart

Your ideals is your ideals mine is mine, we live we learn

We die, then what? I am an outcast, I am sitting on the outside looking on the inside

Thinking out the box while you are inside the box

Where do I belong? Can you tell me?

I am a danger to myself and everyone else

I need a vacation to an island of desolation

Of solitude, I need to be refined I need to be defined

Road to refinement I have entered this endless ballad

I have entered an endless waltz of Mind travelling,

Travelling the road of truth unravelling

It’s the ballad of the mind from the thoughts of a dreamer.

Mind Travelling

Mind Travelling

Come with me on that adventure, we go venture

Deep within my mind to unravel my inner culture

No entre if you’re a vulture, no messing with my future

You are no time machine, nor my mind machine

I will choose which direction I lean

Let me explain what’s the mean, open your ears, is it clean?

Listen, I am be your inspiration join me for some motivation

Am I tell you how I do it or what I try to do

Here’s the first clue, don’t just use your eyes, use your mind

Use your heart, even your instincts plays a part

Doesn’t make you weak, doesn’t make you small, you become keen

Seeing what was not seen, hearing what was not heard

Feeling what was not touched and such

Next? Your inner factor equals your external factor

“What happen when an immovable objects meets an unstoppable force?”

You get it?

You are the Immovable object, inner, they are the unstoppable force, outer

Don’t be moved by their words, their words won’t stop, even if you ‘flop’

Where’s the strength, the heart, the mind

Has its own mind, It think for itself

While you sleep it doesn’t, it sleeps when you are awake

It rest on its own time, it grows, it commit no crime

It learns, it knows, it sees, it taste, it feels, it smells

Knowledge is its primary food, feed it well

Don’t let it dwell, on past actions, let it tell, of future Tractions

It goes deep, deep in thoughts, deep in dreams

It goes off the deep end