Unruffled Mind

Thoughts free from projections
Unevenness of surface not apparent
My mind is unruffled, similar to a calm sea

Life is free flowing, without bends, to some degree
Energy uninterrupted, strong flowing torrent
Conjuring uniform motion to some degree

Bringing about calmness, life is free
Of heavy feelings, at ground zero
A level of comfort, life simulator

You ease the pain with laughter
Washing away all the sorrows bringing hope
Erasing your doubt bringing answers

How much mental and physical effort was spent by chance?
To carry out your everyday tasks, to survive these random occurrence
Of our brain detouring from its original functions

Seems like a bad timing in world with no light, but 24/7 unction
Shedding what little light present on a seemingly lost reality
Representing a beacon of hope where there is none

Those living in the shadows has no reflection, shady, back turned to the sun
But not hidden, relaxed in bath of gloom, life filled with dimness
“To create a sense of shallow relief” are you a painter?

(We only want our life to be smooth
Enough to bring a feeling that is soothing
motivating worthy results from hard work
While living in the shadows is not necessarily dark)

About the poem: I used definitions of four words to compose this poem. started out as a personal prompt to get in the writing mood and it turned into this. I will be trying out this method again in the near future. You could give it too and see what great writing you can come up with. Happy Writing!!

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First I existed.
In a world free of boundaries .
Free to walk the cardinal points without fear of prosecution.

No boundaries.

Envy, greed and spite swept in.
Dividing the once borderless mass into borders.
Boundaries now existed.

‘You’re trespassing!!!’

‘Says who?’ I ask with utter confusion.

Just yesterday I ran through those fields,
I flew with the birds,
Grazed with the cows,
And even climbed the trees with my four-legged foes.

‘Says the law of the land you fool.’

I let the word resound in my head. Am I foolish for not knowing?
Knowing that the land had its laws. For not once did that topic come up in our myriad of conversations.

Well I can’t continue being a fool now?

I conform.
I walk the streets I’m allowed to walk.
The malls, the schools, the bus parks, banks and the occasional club.

Then the boundaries make themselves visible.

‘Time to go. We are now closed to the public’


Now where do I go from here?

You go home.

What’s a home?

A building consisting of rooms. Where people live.

But that makes no sense. Are you saying I’m only alive when I exist in this place called home?

Stop wasting my time. You’re being a fool. Go find your family.Go home.

I can’t continue being a fool. Now can I?

I find them.
The family,
Existing in a building with rooms.

Well surely I can claim one for myself.

It’s small.
It’s quiet.
Finally a space to call my own.
I carry all that’s precious to me in it.

Then my gems go missing.
The culprit nameless and faceless.

You fool!
I yell at myself.
Don’t you know the only space you can control is your mind?

I get wise.
I control what goes in,
Who goes in,
And what comes out.

I now control my space.


Dkay ‘the gemini’

sometimes we just exist….more reads here

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Planet Nvidia

Good day viewers/readers, three new recent upload images, Planet Nvidia, recently took up space art and this was the result on the first try. This pieces is combination of speed painting and photo-manipulation, with some airbrushing here and there all coming together to form these lovely artworks. to get the these three different coloured version, all I did was in Photoshop, there are some image adjustment layers you can add that can tweak the image to how you want to look and feel it will give, I used the Hue/saturation adjustment layer to get two coloured version you see there green lit and orange lit and the my favourite of the three the black and white, which gives it mysterious effect, that one I just changed the image mode to grayscale and presto change-o that version was born.
Neat don’t you think? as for a video well, luckily I did save the process stages so we will see how that goes it goes and it will be uploaded and ready for viewing soon.

Thank you for reading, stay tune for more post as we keep Jahcreating, the Jam Life. Peace!

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