Ballad of the Mind

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Travelling my mind seeing the sights looking for a way to reach new heights

It’s a ballad of the mind moving through life I will grab what’s mine

Walking through the dark, searching for a light

Working to be a better self, only wanting growth, In the end it will be refined

It thinks alone, sleepless at times,

It’s on a Journey Gaining knowledge with each experience of each day

My thoughts fight a battle, taking part in Tourney

Which is the winner? Only my feeling heart has a say

Seldom do I dream when I sleep

Often, I dream when I am seeing

Random thoughts greet me with conversations that are deep

For instance, assess this and tell us, what are you feeling?

It wishes for freedom, it wants to rest, too much emotional

Overweight with the world, when it is not even mine to shoulder

It influences how my decisions or made, brings my life to distortion

Each they feel myself living in winter, getting colder

“Morning”, greets the day, no smiles, what did I do? Are we even friends? Acquaintance even?

Stay your distance “I really don’t mean no harm, just being myself, I do want to know you”

Well, no worries, I have always been alone, I see your resistance

One part my mind’s story, more to be written, will I share? That is left up to you, or maybe me the Author

Let us pause here for a while, not the end, my mind went off somewhere

The Story will continue, until the next quarter.\

(Poem preview from the book titled “Ballad of the mind”, using a ballad poetry form for this one)

Well it is here!, or soon be at least my e-book, “Ballad of the mind from the thoughts of the dreamer”

Welcome to the Ballad of the Mind, anthology of 53 poems  original written by me and one poem written by a friend of mine, all telling a story of the inner world, the outer world communicating with each other conjuring a harmony of Negative and positive energy intertwining,exorcising your emotions. Willing to take that journey?

Release May 30th of this year (though likely to change again). Please support me and my first e-book (maybe I can get printed versions some day with your help).

Please comment below, how and what do you read your E-books on/with so I can provide those formats for you on release date. Also it’s coming to amazon, for those who prefer shopping on amazon eBook, worry not there will be one for you too.

Thank You.



Wear it for War Child, An Artistic Share


We all know of war, whether via the media, someone you know lives in it, a soldier fighting for your country or you yourself was/is a victim. I have never experience but I have seen enough in the news to understand what it is like and what effects it will have on a person life, it is something any individual would want to live there life through, always looking over your shoulders, sleepless nights. War is not a new trend in the world, history speaks of many wars, deadly, small, those that might have shook the earth to the core and more to come in the future (I am sure you have seen the signs).

Some time ago Talenthouse  hosted a creative invite along with WarChild and O2 to create an artwork to inspire others to help in the online campaign of looking out for children affected by the existence of war.

O2 and War Child are inviting artists from around the world to create visual artwork that captures the campaign line ‘#WearItForWarChild’. Your visuals simply have to capture the imaginations of people and inspire them to take part in the online campaign #WearItForWarChild – they should be positive, uplifting and encourage people to take part in a great and worthy cause.”

The artwork you see above this, was my entry, though it didn’t get picked, I am grateful for being a part of this campaign, I had fun doing this pieces. As for a name for it, I have not given it one, I am bit rusty on giving my art a name, (Sometimes I wonder if I do have a child, if it will be same difficultly of finding a name).

If I should name it right now, I called it “Alone in war”, A fitting name?

I believe that if everyone lend a helping hand every now and again, the world would so much better off than it is right now but everything takes time, we can only hope and do what we can until we get there.

before I go rememebr this,  Patience is flexible, calmness solves problems, Love defeats hate, a smile turns a gray day colorful

Thank you for reading,

JahCreate: Nurturing Creativity, Raising it to maturity 


Like a bird in a cage, I try to break free

try to spread my wings in this limited space

putting on a smile trying to keep face

behind light lies darkness, behind darkness lies hope

remember these words when you lit your candle

for all to see for all to feel

take notice of who is illuminated

enlighten by the complicated, that’s life personified

sorry if I have lied…off track

now back…in the cage

To begin…again

the loop

Character Design Session Part 1.0

Good day all, today I decide I am try something new, relatively, anyways, this is my character design session, first stage. I would love to have you lot participate in this polling of choose what is I will design just for practice and challenging myself a bit, if you don’t mind.

first poll deals with the type character it will be overall, and then the other polls will deal with the additional attributes, depending on the winning choice.

without further adu, may the first polling commence.


Laying in the fields

mind clear, no fear

no worries

that moment of bliss


sounds of birds

flowers dancing to their tune

blue screen

cloud-tainment system

can I stay like this?


disclaimer: no trees were hurt in painting this piece

can’t say much about the paper though

original painting


Characters Design

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Well been on a drawing spree lately, and these are the results. My character designs, characters for a graphic design I am thinking of doing, well one is in the process right now, Knights of the Dragons, others are Search for Camelot, Heroes Legacy, Metal Force and many more to come. Heroes Legacy will have links to all the other series where some the major characters in each will be working together on a common goal whether on the good side or the bad side but there will be characters that will be only be seen in heroes Legacy unless they are linked to the others growth or initiation. there will be does that are linked to all for example the Guardians, they sit above looking on below, everywhere, keeping watch of every corner.

that’s about it for now but not the end, more drawing spree continues. will be drawing some scenes in efforts to upgrade my skills until I master it to my full potential. 

oh and yes I have all the plot in my head, all jumbled up inside there waiting to used. I probably should write them done before they decide to leave and never return.

August Hero Challenge (Theme Love)

Love is your Smile

Finally finished it, three whole week. I am relieved I got done in time to upload it, what you think? Still not one hundred but I think I still accomplished something and learn how use a new program at the same time, Autodesk SketchBook pro. Awesome program this one, still have more to learn about it, I think I can master it and create some great work in the future. Autodesk, along with Photoshop and Illustrator in my hands, I think can do some wonderful designs when I master them.

I do have other personal projects working, now that I am finish with this I safely can say I now can work those without thinking of any deadline and any other distractions.

I feel accomplished. Look forward for more soon.