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Wouldn’t be nice to have these up on your walls, making less naked and more beautiful, also colour. I know would love have them up on mine, that way every time I see them before me I can say “I did that, I did those, I like that one, I love that one, was a bitch doing that one”.  would be so pleased with myself.

It looks a bit ‘pixelish’ (yeah, not a word naturally), but head over to the website to see it in a better quality (I think) and more.

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Musical Euphoria

Musical Euphoria

Musical Euphoria’, A recent upload to my website, jamlifeasweknowit.weebly.com. This pieces was done for a creative invite on Talenthouse to the theme of “Celebrating Music and how it makes you feel when you listen to it through your lifetime…” if you think about it a musical euphoria was a good depiction, wouldn’t you say? (though it didn’t get pick but none the less I liked how it turned out).

Process of it’s creation

Now we will get into the process that lead up to this piece, first I sort a reference image for the person and another for the head phones, those two put together and drawn traditionally on paper as a sketch, then outlined and scanned digitally for further cleaning/inking. The scanned image was opened in a design software Autodesk Sketchbook Pro (one of many software used for any digital art, illustration, painting, comics etc), it is user friendly and it comes with tutorials like any other software to get ready for using it for any of your digital drawing journey. Alright that aside, the next step is after the image loads in the software, I lower the opacity and add new layer on top and just choose my pencil tool and trace over my sketch to get that cleaner look, Line-Art. This process can be viewed on a video I uploaded on YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVaFGaSKMqc

After the finishing the Line-art (looking over and editing), the next step is colouring, now Autodesk Sketchbook pro has the option of export the file as a PSD file so it can be transfered to Photoshop for further editing and that I did for colouring. and nope I don’t have video for this yet, I may just do one in parts soon, Stay tune. Pick your colour pallet, for me choose blue visual style and giving it a glowing effect. After looking over numerous times and retouching where needs retouching, the finish piece has you seen there. “Musical Euphoria’
Feeling the Groove, click the image to take you to the page to see a larger version, it’s a slide show, you may have to wait until it shows it self or clicking the arrows until you reach this one (not much to skip through).

Thank you for reading and look forward for more post on new uploads from JahCreate, Jam life as we know it, the dreams we have , along with Creative_MaliKun, “it’s just the Ballad of the mind from the thoughts of a dreamer”.

More to view here. happy viewing ^_^

Planet Nvidia

Good day viewers/readers, three new recent upload images, Planet Nvidia, recently took up space art and this was the result on the first try. This pieces is combination of speed painting and photo-manipulation, with some airbrushing here and there all coming together to form these lovely artworks. to get the these three different coloured version, all I did was in Photoshop, there are some image adjustment layers you can add that can tweak the image to how you want to look and feel it will give, I used the Hue/saturation adjustment layer to get two coloured version you see there green lit and orange lit and the my favourite of the three the black and white, which gives it mysterious effect, that one I just changed the image mode to grayscale and presto change-o that version was born.
Neat don’t you think? as for a video well, luckily I did save the process stages so we will see how that goes it goes and it will be uploaded and ready for viewing soon.

Thank you for reading, stay tune for more post as we keep Jahcreating, the Jam Life. Peace!

Website: you can view more here. Happy viewing ^_^