My Personal experience for 14 days

I went ahead to try out this site after searching for places to learn Japanese or any other languages and has an efficient way of learning it. Signing up is easy, setting up your profile is easy and it tracks your progress as you proceed through the lesson. After setting up a tutor is assigned to you according to the language you choose, this person will help you along with any questions you may have during your lessons via the site itself or by e-mail and they are I must say they are some friendly bunch. Learning is fun, to top it off at each break (they call it ‘cake’ what more do yo need there?) they provide videos for entertainment and learning to further help understand the pronunciations. It’s worth the journey, everything you want from lingualift, teacher right from your home or anywhere you are. Click any of the images above to see what they offer,Β Happy Learning.

Lingualift has 14 day trial if wish to just test the waters and see if it is to your liking,


The story begins!!


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