Old Souls

OldSoul crest
Old Soul Crest

The moment you realize you are not like the rest, your whole life will change, for better or for worst.

it’s up to you of course.

Solitude becomes your headquarters, a place to escape from draining routines.

To quiet the mind, to reconnect with yourself, to be in tune; shutting up the speakers in your head with bass resonating on your head or do you find an old book to read to explore a new frontier?

You become the abnormal among the accepted normal, our mind searching for meaningful balance, perceived as informal.


You are not understood because you are too deeply intuitive; increasing your emotional sensitivity.

Your thirst for knowledge and truth gives you credit in your insightful ability.

“I am not like other people” but we are no different. we all have ‘sinful’ desires.

They stepped away from social upbringing.


 There is no joy in uplifting material trends, it’s a mean, not an end.

Things that are short lived were here for a lesson or to give a lesson.

The fulfillment comes from the growth gained.

But with the love of solitude, they wish to share their acquired knowledge.

They yearn to pass on wisdom not taught in college.

Hidden among the elders, more at peace, more in tune, a belonging.

Living among books, stories of the past, the reality of the present, evidence of the future.

These Old Souls, so much to tell but so little time to dwell.


Written: June 17, 2018

by: MaliCool

Ballad of the Mind: from the thoughts of a dreamer is on Amazon.

Road to Logorrhea: Your wordy Vocabulary.


Her hope in a hopeless world

She is staring into the darkness, searching for the light of day, holding on to that flicker of hope, tightening her grip at every turn. it becomes her strength, her every breath she takes, the thought of giving up torments her soul, her body and mind with every painful step she takes forward.

“will I make it?…” “can I survive?” “someone please come for me…I am at my limits, I cannot”

The internal conflicts eating away at her sanity, her voice of reasons slowly leaves her helpless, the flicker of hope became loose, the final step she took was deciding factor, no longer could she move, instead she lean forward, facing the ground, still moving forward.

“let’s call it a day she said…this is my last…” before hitting the ground, a voice, a familiar voice, pierced the silent darkness, finally her sanity has vanished, she smiled

“how cr..cruel” she tries to say, it was a voice she knows very well, thinking why of all time did this voice decided to surface….

“You must not give up, remember I am your strength, remember, I am your light, I am your every breath that you take, your heart beat, remember”

and thus she regains her composer, with the falling momentum she rolled back up onto her feet ignoring the rushing pain.

“How could I have forgotten, my precious memory, my love…it was what kept me alive, kept me moving forward, my light in this darkness, that very hope I held on to with my life…how could I have forgotten?…”

That flicker hope return, yes the one she so gracefully held on to tightly, It was her hope in a hopeless world.



Widening the wound

A person gain a wound
Acknowledged that wound, but doesn’t panic about that wound, because he/she knows the wound can be treated and heal
You see this wounded Person
“Hasn’t he noticed that he has wounded himself”
You approached this wounded person, you put alcohol and salt on the wound in hopes he will notice the wound or in hopes it will heal as quickly, but instead he retaliates
widening the wound

The reality of a Dream

Such A peaceful day to sit in the park, a public park with an usual name that the government decided to give it using Japanese characters ‘genjitsu no wa yume’ (現実のは夢) meaning ‘The reality of a dream’, why they agreed on that name is still unclear, they didn’t disclosed the reason as for the language, “in honour and gratitude to the Japanese company, ‘Yamamoto Construction’ for contributing to the development of the park or so they say to the press. It’s Saturday in the afternoon and I can see the park is lively with energy and people, walking about taking pictures here and there, having picnic with their families, running around with friends or dogs working up a sweat, this liveliness was captivating, inviting me to join in on the fun. Sound of the whistling wind envelope the area into a hypnosis melody enough to put you to sleep, pigeons were about collecting free samples from passerby and seated areas.
I come here ever so often when I need to clear my thoughts or to just get away from everything. I lived with my grandma for must of my growing up, because my parents up and went away on some special job never to be seen again or so ma said. Only a photo of them was left as a memento to them. Mother’s name is Jane MacMillan, Father’s name is Alex MacMillan and me their only ‘known’ son Alex MacMillan Jr.
Sitting here thinking, when I realize that this day was different from any other day that sit here at the same spot at the same time for the same amount of time. It’s an uneasy distracting feeling like something abnormal was about to happen and will change everything from here on out, my simple life was about to disrupted. Before I realized it the world went silent, at that time I was thinking “did I drooze off without realizing it?” “When did I start dreaming?” I don’t remember being sleepy at all, maybe I do need take a long vacation from everything. Did sun castef its dizzy spell? But can a dream look this real? It is as exactly as I was looking at it before.Tried shouting for help but it seem no one is hearing me. At this point anyone would start panicking but to my surprise I am calm, alien might come down saying ‘we here to take you for experiment’ or “we know where your parents are, do you wish to save them” . I guess this is the part where I wake up in the hospital?
Maybe the wind was too hypnotic, everything faded to white and there before me….

The UnSpoken Arts

Twice Searching …


Searching for belonging

(I am living)

I am living a life of bliss

Living a life as a miss fit

Knowing not where I belong

Searching my words for clues

Living a life of a detective

With a drench coat and hat

My tobacco pipe, a book of stats

“Elementary, dear Watson…”


Let’s review the clues

I am living in reality

I am living in a dream

Living in love, living in hate, living with disappointment

Living with anger, living in danger

Where in there do I belong?

Living among creations, living within a nation

Colourful yet dim, dim yet blinding

Living among wonders, surrounded by boredom

I am creative I am intuitive

Living in silence, surrounded by noise

Where among them do I belong?

 “go an adventure to find where you belong”

But for now I am Living….


Embrace it live it

Its hidden in the corner its Hidden deep within

hoping to see the light, hoping you will not put up a fight

wanting to be recognized, wanting you to say “hey!, that’s me”

afraid of rejection, you become something else, true-self not true

but not fake, not whole, left with a hole in identity

a conjured reality, for your safety? self protection

becomes self destruction, expression becomes isolated

eyes become dilated at the sight of the monster, you grew to hate

it’s a hostile take over, the ‘you’ you hid is no longer a four leaf clover

its trying to dig its way to the open eating at your confidence

while you choke, its full

only your acceptance, only your love, embrace it, its you

to become whole you have to accept all, show all, remove the mask

life is a self task

its a Journey, its a quest to be conquered

embrace it, live it accept it

The UnSpoken