The next title for my second up coming book, this one may be a mixture of both poetry and prose, we will see when the release time comes.I am bit excited about it even though I am just starting out as an author but I still feel need to share it with you readers because it all comes down to how you receive the finish product, I might love it to death but you might see it in another light. That’s ok, it’s a learning journey for me and I love it none the less, I look forward to your feedback when this book becomes reality.


Planet Nvidia

Good day viewers/readers, three new recent upload images, Planet Nvidia, recently took up space art and this was the result on the first try. This pieces is combination of speed painting and photo-manipulation, with some airbrushing here and there all coming together to form these lovely artworks. to get the these three different coloured version, all I did was in Photoshop, there are some image adjustment layers you can add that can tweak the image to how you want to look and feel it will give, I used the Hue/saturation adjustment layer to get two coloured version you see there green lit and orange lit and the my favourite of the three the black and white, which gives it mysterious effect, that one I just changed the image mode to grayscale and presto change-o that version was born.
Neat don’t you think? as for a video well, luckily I did save the process stages so we will see how that goes it goes and it will be uploaded and ready for viewing soon.

Thank you for reading, stay tune for more post as we keep Jahcreating, the Jam Life. Peace!

Website: you can view more here. Happy viewing ^_^