The Unspoken


it’s the just the ballad of the mind from the thoughts of a dreamer.

words are meant to be written, meant to be spoken, meant to be rhythmic, created to bring about communication on the figurative level, logically, illogically, divinely complex. A power known to many to invoke emotion of another, whether it be anger, love, hate, sadness, happy, jealousy and the works, words can be powerful if used correctly,that’s emotional exorcism from a poetic exorcist .

There many that holds this power within their minds, within their hearts, able to tap into that subconscious level of thinking  where the paper becomes the medium and the messenger passing these divine lifting words to world. Yes I am one of many, though just a messenger of the heart. I speak the unspoken and here is my garden of the unspoken words

^_^ HAHA… well I am just hear to share whatever comes to mind, poetically or prose and so on and so forth


I don’t mind you walking around my garden at all, it is here for all to see.

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