First I existed.
In a world free of boundaries .
Free to walk the cardinal points without fear of prosecution.

No boundaries.

Envy, greed and spite swept in.
Dividing the once borderless mass into borders.
Boundaries now existed.

‘You’re trespassing!!!’

‘Says who?’ I ask with utter confusion.

Just yesterday I ran through those fields,
I flew with the birds,
Grazed with the cows,
And even climbed the trees with my four-legged foes.

‘Says the law of the land you fool.’

I let the word resound in my head. Am I foolish for not knowing?
Knowing that the land had its laws. For not once did that topic come up in our myriad of conversations.

Well I can’t continue being a fool now?

I conform.
I walk the streets I’m allowed to walk.
The malls, the schools, the bus parks, banks and the occasional club.

Then the boundaries make themselves visible.

‘Time to go. We are now closed to the public’


Now where do I go from here?

You go home.

What’s a home?

A building consisting of rooms. Where people live.

But that makes no sense. Are you saying I’m only alive when I exist in this place called home?

Stop wasting my time. You’re being a fool. Go find your family.Go home.

I can’t continue being a fool. Now can I?

I find them.
The family,
Existing in a building with rooms.

Well surely I can claim one for myself.

It’s small.
It’s quiet.
Finally a space to call my own.
I carry all that’s precious to me in it.

Then my gems go missing.
The culprit nameless and faceless.

You fool!
I yell at myself.
Don’t you know the only space you can control is your mind?

I get wise.
I control what goes in,
Who goes in,
And what comes out.

I now control my space.


Dkay ‘the gemini’

sometimes we just exist….more reads here

Happy reading ^_^


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