Coming Soon, JahCreate YouTube Channel

Time to start make use of my channel on YouTube.

Well here it is my video intro to any video content I may do in the near future, so stay tune to my channel or my blog. 

Oh one more thing, I recently hit 100 followers on WordPress, isn’t that great? I appreciate you reading my poems and such as well as your inspirational post you share always keep me smiling  and lifted 😁. Now I have an idea of how I am going to thank you, one by writing a thank you poem and post it along with a thank you artwork or do both along with a video reading that poem. What do you think? Feel free to comment while I think about it.

From the ballad of the mind I am out


In Time

I am not one to seek the future, one to live in the past, but still acknowledging the present, with each prioritizing my Presence, meaning neither here or there, just floating around an infinite sphere searching for that straight and narrow road hoping to walk off this load,become refined and defined 

In Time