My heart’s Lullaby

Having a word with my universe, working out what to accomplish first, this creative journey or these outstanding course

Can’t help but think about where I am going, is it all worth it, can’t help but think I am just wasting away in an endless void, ‘filled’ with emptiness

Slowly eroding at my heart, slowly eroding at my mind, slowly eroding my soul, universe is collapsing in on itself, forming that black hole in the center

I am tired, spiritually, mentally and physically

Hey, life can I now sleep? Have I done enough? Are you satisfy?

Please sing me your lullaby


2 thoughts on “My heart’s Lullaby

  1. Beautifully expressed! It is all about Being and not doing or accomplishing …though we do end up here in our human-ness. I believe we feel this right before an expansion coming our way 🙂 Wish you lots of ease through that!

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