Now more than ever

Seeing you again after so long, sparked a feeling thought gone, surfacing wishes and hope, attraction and desires, my heart is now on fire

I want you take responsibility, no I can only hope, I can only imagine, dreams, universe signs, “go on make your move”

 I know you are a free spirit but I wonder cant we be free together?

Only if you could read this 

Guess what…I want you now more than ever


My heart’s Lullaby

Having a word with my universe, working out what to accomplish first, this creative journey or these outstanding course

Can’t help but think about where I am going, is it all worth it, can’t help but think I am just wasting away in an endless void, ‘filled’ with emptiness

Slowly eroding at my heart, slowly eroding at my mind, slowly eroding my soul, universe is collapsing in on itself, forming that black hole in the center

I am tired, spiritually, mentally and physically

Hey, life can I now sleep? Have I done enough? Are you satisfy?

Please sing me your lullaby

A Muse to the wise

looking for a reason to write 

Something to wound this paper

Whether it is out of anger, or out of sadness

Whatever may be 

Let it be filled with my gift of serenity 

In hopes it does guide your heart to tranquility, masking my complexity

May your day be filled with love and prosperity

Walking in the Dark Night of the Soul

Have you ever felt like getting up and dance to the musical silence

from the lyrical air?, moving your body without any care

denouncing fear, ignoring empty ‘chairs’

tell me,

do feel like counting the stars? how many? that’s your blessing

that’s a deep message, self explanatory, a subtle lesson

my vocabulary lessens

tell me,

do feel like sitting in front that mirror looking at yourself,

thinking why do we try?, why do we fight?

why not just sleep until ‘it’ rolls over or you just rolls over

we sleep hoping to see the other day

tell me

it’s not easy walking in the Dark Night of our soul

how cold

Emancipendence Musing

Let us break these invisible chains
walk the streets in our Black and green suits
in hands gold canes
walk over our pains
counting our gains
washing away our shame
no longer do we need to be tamed
true liberation from the fake religious corporation
mental free, spiritual cleansed
the world’s dense, to our feelings
because they seek evil dealings
don’t fall blindly, they slap you with treason
without reason, ‘sleep, sleep ‘
until we make our exit