JahCreate Jam life as we know it

Welcome to our blog and site, we JahCreate are to entertain you with images, art, writing or what else may come along so sit tight and enjoy the ride.

The ballad continues 
bringing joy and tribute
love and smiles we will distribute 

expressing life as you know it
or how you know it
making you more a misfit than legit
bringing mundane to a forfeit

we the poetic exorcist
performing the poetic exorcism 
exorcising your emotion bringing them to surface and out
that’s where it counts

Iaunch my website yesterday, took some time to put together but its finally finish with more materials to add to keep Alive and well.
What’s it about you ask, well it to show case any artwork, design, photographs, videos etc
Click the link and enter the ballad jamlifeasweknowit.weebly.com


Dimensions of colour

Step into the three dimensional space of colours

Erasing the concept of hours

Hue, saturation, brightness

The owners

Navigators in space

Conceptualizing familiarities of perceived surface

Each colour applied, serves a purpose

Defining a space

A 3-d representation

Notice or unnoticed

For the artistic in spirit, understanding the science of it

colours , the essence of your composite 

A concept created from a simple fundamental idea

Visualizing the solid object

Now touchable, now reachable


Shape of the world as you know it, changes

Looking through new eyes

A whole new type of living is lit within