To go places
To see new faces
To learn about new races
To learn languages
To see the worlds advantages
Cultural exchanges
Stepping out the horizon outer range
Becoming new like a refined metal



writing words randomly, no thinking if they are fitting in

if they make any sense, if they possess any presence

no specific topic no particular direction, no uplifting message

no meaning no feelings, just spectacular creativity

tapping into the universe’s divinity

sparking the big bang activity

spreading all that energy, yes, inner g

a little elevated, or a little crazy

your choice or your story, yours for the writing

chapters after chapters after chapters

writing words randomly, no thinking if they fitting in….


Love and Pleasure

The moment our lips met
We started our intimate conversation
Exchanging pleasantries through French action
Slowly getting to know
One another
Learning the texture of our skin
The softness, the curves, the thickness
Energy intertwined
A world is revealed
A world is unsealed
Now connected
Our mind our bodies
But I have yet to feel your soul
The next step, going in depth
Bringing our souls together
Becoming the masters of the weather
In love and pleasure

Mother Nature

Seasonally you feed us
Giving birth to life
Protecting it’s cycle
Knows how to recycle
To feed the young
Providing a home, at times setting a gray tone
Watering her gardens
Vibrant with colours, saturated with green
Her water ways always keep clean
She discipline her mischievous offsprings
Her anger ranges like thunder
Her wipe lashes like lightning
A loving mother a strict parent
Restoring balance, connecting currents
We are grateful to you Mother Earth



We should say our goodbyes
Thinking we are still friends
We smile end to end we talk
We laugh pretending
we are close
We are like a rose
Beautiful, attractive, from a distant
But up close deadly
We didn’t even go steadily
So long it was a pleasure
we should say our goodbyes
This time it’s real