The Journey

thinking about the journey and how far will I have to travel

how many stops and how many truth to unravel

what will be accomplished, will I be able to remove these shackles

making notes, absorbing knowledge, becoming wise in these battles

gathering all my strength, my mental weapons to face these jackals

thinking I am their prey, gathering their packs to hold me at bay

chanting their spells, in hope of turning me shallow

casting their sentences, bringing me to the gallows

to hang me with their laughter, not make me one of the fellows

not that I want to be, it will only make me seem yellow

ejecting my pride and my weakness, my fear, to become mellow

I am without a role model, but I have goals finally

I move towards them, day by day, I work at it

unaware, they lashed at me, emotionally I placed a wall

these mental infliction I try to stall

holding on so that I do not fall, too deep

for the abyss sometimes keeps what it swallows

pressure those that are wallow

we fight to survive, nothing more nothing less


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