One Year Anni

Dear Wordpress

How do you do?

are your words written well?

are your post capturing many?

been a year since I have written you poems, letters, rhymes, huh?

now you are here giving me that yearly visit

first one, as a matter

was quite the journey musing with you

you wish to reminisce? my words of bliss?

the ballad of the mind from the thoughts of dreamer

attracting all the poem schemers

reading their words bringing me a breather

if we were a team. we be ‘Poetic Artistic’

or Purposely Artistic

The Unspoken

on this, My day, My time started

I became a poetic existence, moving to leave an artistic presence

I’ll continue writing, musing

until another annual meeting

your respectfully


Good Night, morning, evening and Afternoon all. Today is my one year anniversary on wordpress, though I thought it would be little later down in the month apparent wordpress said nope you are wrong my friend. well what can I say , “it was a great journey..enjoyed posting, reading others posts, inspiring, beautiful, divine, funny…” mmm… that sounds good, though I am still loving it here and looking forward to continue reading all your posts now and forever.

I know I was forgetting something, Thank you for following me, 78 followers from 0 and I hope it to grow but this is quite an achievement if want to call it one, though don’t remember how many like I received but I think it’s a lot when you add them up. From the first post when I just registered not knowing what I was going to post about, at the time I was finding bearings around writing actual poems and rap songs, trying to separate them from each other (still fighting that battle). Then it came to me why not just start sharing your writing on the blog and be done with and let people be the judge (what they should be right about than anything else, a person talent and how they can improve on it). That was that and here I am one year later, writing an anniversary poem and then some. I hope my writing was and will enjoyable to your philosophical artistic taste.

Thank You All.

A new day, A new hope


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