Warmth is powerful
On a cold



The strongest emotion instilled in me

Is fear

No one knew, because who would care?

It wasn’t forcefully it was indirectly smeared

I hide it among layers

Hid it among faces

Happy, sadness, anger….distant

No one noticed

I am at fault 24/7

Robbing me of my confidence

Holding my drive for ransom

What must I pay?

What must I sacrifice?

Went on a journey in my mind

Armed for battle

Always ending up the loser

What if karma was his wife?

What if they had offspring?

And I was their babysitter

What would be paid?

I am afraid, is it wrong to be?

Does it help if I say it?

Then let the world know

I live in fear

Fear governs my actions

Fear is my master


The Poem

Seduced me into writing
Talked me into expressing
Loved me into revealing
Then caressed me with motivation
Slowly Massaging me with inspiration
Getting me into the mood for a  rough night
To Make love to the paper just right
There is time when we fight
I leave you crushed and I find another
We make up and we begin again the cycle of written love