In A Bored Instant

when writing out of boredom, how does it come about?

same way as inspired words

are we motivated by being bored?

boredom became my muse

boredom becomes my second hand fuse

then is it a gift or a curse?


My life consist of bored instants

for instant, right now I write

because I am bored, I am pretty sure

I have only written chaos, no rhythmic flow

no beautiful attraction


A subtle poetic feel, hidden in plain sight

you won’t notice the metamorphosis

of my boredom searching for bliss





Laying in the fields

mind clear, no fear

no worries

that moment of bliss


sounds of birds

flowers dancing to their tune

blue screen

cloud-tainment system

can I stay like this?


disclaimer: no trees were hurt in painting this piece

can’t say much about the paper though

original painting




Peace is represented by this colour

Tranquility knows its power

Mind stimulating

Smells relaxing

Calm wind

We go there to meditate

‘The big Blue’

Enough to remove that stress

Enough to wrap you in calmness

Take a breath

Surround yourself with serenity

No need for popularity


Colours you trustworthy

Congrats you are dependable

That’s commendable

Your life seems in order

So soothing

Always good to share intelligence

Because then you’ll cast a reflection

Look around

It’s the colour ink I bleed



It’s words that emotionally transcend simple communication
         A mind beautification
     Sharing a piece of your soul
           On paper the medium
        With the pen your channel
                Ink your blood
            Shed over the paper
      Stained with words
That never washes away

Morning Vent

Morning VentIn the heat of the moment

Impregnate with words

now I am feeling sick

a case of the morning vent

dizzy in the mind

threw up all over the paper

9 months

then the birth of poetry

nauseated, hungry

A large craven for inspiration

continuous thirst for motivation

contracting brain muscles

fluctuating mood

now i am calm


The fat lady hasn’t sing

Silent Pains

They placed the world on my shoulder
Now I am the worlds ‘beholder’
Weighing on my purpose
To be free, of course
Surrounded by stormy clouds
Overcast with a chance of mess up
Closed off without air, now I am suffocating
Silently inflated, secretly irritated
Boldly smiling aloud
Maybe I am paranoid
Maybe I am hallucinating
The stairs to my mental are crumbling
Beneath my feet, I am stumbling
Silently crushing my inner peace
Everyday I endure these silent pains
‘Remember you are alive’


First poem of the Silent poem or a short prose marathon aka A Silent Mind A Loud Heart


Love is in the air

but I am never around to see it

where am I? busy trying to colour my pockets green


looking on my world on the outside

living in someone else’s world

trying not to step outside their shadows

not knowing their light

now my life is opaque walking among the shallows

lost to love but guided by it

Is it okay to feel? or is it bad to not?

Outer World Canvas Print | Zazzle

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