Her hope in a hopeless world

She is staring into the darkness, searching for the light of day, holding on to that flicker of hope, tightening her grip at every turn. it becomes her strength, her every breath she takes, the thought of giving up torments her soul, her body and mind with every painful step she takes forward.

“will I make it?…” “can I survive?” “someone please come for me…I am at my limits, I cannot”

The internal conflicts eating away at her sanity, her voice of reasons slowly leaves her helpless, the flicker of hope became loose, the final step she took was deciding factor, no longer could she move, instead she lean forward, facing the ground, still moving forward.

“let’s call it a day she said…this is my last…” before hitting the ground, a voice, a familiar voice, pierced the silent darkness, finally her sanity has vanished, she smiled

“how cr..cruel” she tries to say, it was a voice she knows very well, thinking why of all time did this voice decided to surface….

“You must not give up, remember I am your strength, remember, I am your light, I am your every breath that you take, your heart beat, remember”

and thus she regains her composer, with the falling momentum she rolled back up onto her feet ignoring the rushing pain.

“How could I have forgotten, my precious memory, my love…it was what kept me alive, kept me moving forward, my light in this darkness, that very hope I held on to with my life…how could I have forgotten?…”

That flicker hope return, yes the one she so gracefully held on to tightly, It was her hope in a hopeless world.




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