Dancing Squares…ish

Dancing square

Finally made my first video after trying my hardest to follow the tutorial as closely as I could not missing a single step, this was the results of that Journey. now left is keep practicing until I master the art of video rendering and in the process create some beautiful animation *nothing wrong with reassuring myself*.

Dancing squares or something of that sort, instrumental used, Major Lazer, Light it Up. It’s up on my YouTube channel, not much there at the moment, it’s a waste land, tumble weeds rolling about and the silent winds whistling, so I want bring a little life into it, even if a little.

The next video I going to do going to be text best, flying about on the screen, in sync of course, nope not the group, you probably what the text will be, well that’s a surprise not saying I have no idea what it will be, so don’t go get the wrong idea now.

Oh…it is a bit short, so bear with it, I am new to it after all




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