Leap of faith


Confidence is jumping off a high place

Knowing you will land on something soft

and walk away unharmed

It’s shooting for the sky but ending up among the stars

getting shot knowing you will live

taking that leap

is presenting yourself the vote of confidence

sometimes it always good to jump

Chances are you will only hit the ground….

silly me

You will live


Poking Fun

And ‘BAE’ means Bacon and Eggs
‘Everybody wants to change world’
We flush, wash and move on
and archive it because you won’t want to eat it

“the sky is limit” NASA and Russia went beyond it

“It is the thought that counts” I imagine that’s why we count sheep in our sleep



“Life is a bitch” but you kept sleeping with her

“don’t give up on your first try…” well it is your first try after all

and there you have it me poking fun at some well know sayings

if like me to do some more feel free to give me your suggestion and post them up as soon as I can

Her hope in a hopeless world

She is staring into the darkness, searching for the light of day, holding on to that flicker of hope, tightening her grip at every turn. it becomes her strength, her every breath she takes, the thought of giving up torments her soul, her body and mind with every painful step she takes forward.

“will I make it?…” “can I survive?” “someone please come for me…I am at my limits, I cannot”

The internal conflicts eating away at her sanity, her voice of reasons slowly leaves her helpless, the flicker of hope became loose, the final step she took was deciding factor, no longer could she move, instead she lean forward, facing the ground, still moving forward.

“let’s call it a day she said…this is my last…” before hitting the ground, a voice, a familiar voice, pierced the silent darkness, finally her sanity has vanished, she smiled

“how cr..cruel” she tries to say, it was a voice she knows very well, thinking why of all time did this voice decided to surface….

“You must not give up, remember I am your strength, remember, I am your light, I am your every breath that you take, your heart beat, remember”

and thus she regains her composer, with the falling momentum she rolled back up onto her feet ignoring the rushing pain.

“How could I have forgotten, my precious memory, my love…it was what kept me alive, kept me moving forward, my light in this darkness, that very hope I held on to with my life…how could I have forgotten?…”

That flicker hope return, yes the one she so gracefully held on to tightly, It was her hope in a hopeless world.



Abstract Design Print

 An abstract world iPhone 5 covers
An abstract world iPhone 5 covers by TheUnspokenArts
View Graphicdesign Casemate Cases online at zazzle
 Since I came up with this random abstract design, which I have yet to name, not knowing what to do with it and all, I decided rather than leaving it to gather dust or rot, better word to use is ‘fade away’ why not try selling it somewhere and here I am, ‘it’ I mean. it ended up on iPhone case or what it would look like if it was printed on a phone case of your choice of course.
 well there you have folks, what you think? I won’t be doing the printing, at least I hope so, because that be a problem, don’t want my first time to be misleading now, that be really bad and disappointing.
take a look if you like it and want it feel free to purchase if not refer to someone who might like it instead, I will really appreciate it thank you.
probably should add a little more….*clears throat*….
you all have a good day or night wherever you are
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2016 freestyle session

I am back again

To write lines from my mind

With this pen, paper in hand

Listening my mental

Riding the flow, gently

Going beyond the boundary

Stepping beyond myself

Out my comfort zone

Stretching these worn out bones

Telling a story, a ballad

Moving towards an unknown destination

Mind travelling

2016 I should be known, The Unspoken

But karma is not so friendly

Life is all but deadly

We search for love, for company

We search for enemies to be allies

Protagonist to your own story

Antagonist to your own glory

Everybody else is just a side character

A supporting cast

Cut that’s a wrap

Take 5!


Learn a new Language


I am sure this is the year that you should make make up your mind and just dive deep into learning a new language of choice, whether the romance language or country that you might end up visit sometime soon or whenever. it’s worth the journey, no need to go external classes if you do have the time can be done right in the comfort of your home and your lap or desk.

Start that journey

Start that journey off with lingualift is that user friendly site created just for you to easily and comfortably learn your new language. providing all the necessary resources to reinforce the learning, videos, cultural background, practice sheets, examples, audio aid and your very own personal tutor you can interact with through out the journey both inside or outside of the site via email. it has everything you need right there ready and waiting, only thing left is your determination and motivation to complete the long journey.

Make that first step

A 14 day trial is available for all new comers to get overview feel of how lingualift will help you on that journey. go ahead make that first step, you won’t regret it.

happy learning.


The moon is out, just barely

half awaken

ssh! or you will wake it

half in the dark, half in light

first quarter

my life, if I should explain it

an innovator or a messenger

reflecting the light, we see everyday

now it’s a new light source

Do they believe in me?

Do they believe in me?                                                                                                                                     Always reminding me of my bad days                                                                                                         How disappointing my life is                                                                                                                         Archiving my mistakes to use in the court of law                                                                                    “We find the defendant guilty of all charges”                                                                                         Charge for attempt to back talk

I only want them to listen                                                                                                                         Not to tell me what the world is missing                                                                                                   but what to fill it with                                                                                                                                       Not to tell me what is eating at the world                                                                                                 But what to feed it with                                                                                                                                    Demanding respect, but only gaining fear

Do they believe in me?                                                                                                                                        I wonder sitting, looking up at the sky                                                                                                     Searching for answers in the clouds                                                                                                             Only to find rain