Flowery Beauty

It is a pity they do not last long, only for a day, so I had to capture their beauty while it lasted until another one opens.


5 lines freestyle Session Part 9’Year end Introduction’

mmm, came so far, from when I started

not much to brag about, but it should be rated

mmm, I had fun, wordpress, yes, writing is best

among good writers, bloggers, talkers, with common interest

until ‘Year End’, Now and forever I am in your care



Happy Holidays

Philosophical Poetic

Philosophical poetic mind
Writing words making them rhyme
Transcending time, message, lesson, fine
Stimulating thoughts, psyche
Intellectual superficial beautiful being
‘Me’ ‘you’
Poetic in of itself
You are definitely different
Listen, understand
Read between lines
Seek out the lying
‘Revealing truth’
The world is sublime
The world is subtle
But your mind interprets
Knowledge perplexing
Seduced by inspiration
Swept away by motivation
You are a psycho, why are you not scripting?
Show me,

philosophical poetic mind

Idle Combinations

most of these were finished this week, they came out quite well in my opinion that’s given but what do you think of them, nicely done? your honest opinion is allowed, I won’t deny them, matter of facts I will use to become better at it.

Just another Idle Combination franchise I did on a wimp in the heat of the moment,I do have more on the way, at the moment so I will show them off  as soon as I can. you might be wondering what I am going to do with them, well I haven’t thought that far yet but for now I am just going to show them off to the world.

if you like them want design like these feel free to hit me up and we have a grand time creating.

lets color this grey world.


Empty words, empty world

empty love and empty hate

empty disappointment

emptiness all around

empty hearts

empty minds preaching empty laws

telling empty lies

seeking empty truth

spreading empty teaching

to who can fill this empty space

with fulfilled truth, meaningful lies

written out of nothing

prologue to something

the end to anything

epilogue of nothing

join me on this empty journey

as we gain these empty fulfillment