Everything becomes F

‘A child as multiply personalities that define his or her identity at that specific age until he/she becomes older where those personalities merge into one to form that dominant Identity of self.’

what you think of that theory?

Its quoted from (not exactly in those words) Subete ga F ni naru: The Perfect Finder, its an anime series worth watching, its ongoing at the moment, every Thursday. Its a mystery and somewhat dark series with excellent sound, lovely character design and a nice story plot so far, something to get your mind thinking.

Plot:  The story revolves around Sōhei Saikawa, a member of the Saikawa Research Lab. He goes on a vacation held by the lab, and Moe Nishinosono, the daughter of his mentor, joins the group on their vacation despite not being a part of the lab. There, the two end up finding a corpse. The two work together to solve the mysteries of what becomes a serial murder case.

“seven is a lonely number”


Dr Shiki Magata (murdered along with her lover/uncle) , has multiply personalities (it is said to be seven personalities) all stem from persons close to her and died. she accused of killing her parents who she claimed was killed by a ‘doll’

Saikawa states that she is the closes one to being a genuine Human Being. she holds true to her split personalities, giving them the exact personalities and name of those that were close to her ( at times shown to be having a serious dialogue with them like really serious) and she goes about gaining her freedom whether from her parents (they might have found out about her love affair with her uncle or something of the sort or they wanted keep her ‘safe’ because of her personalities ‘issues’ who knows) or the world that only sees her as a prodigy genius.

Through out the series it can be seen that the male lead, Saikawa and female lead, Moe, their relationship and interaction mirrors the now deceased Shiki Magata and her the Director/Lover relationship and interaction when they were alive. Moe and Magata similarities both their parents are dead, they are both smart, they both are in love with the older male companion, they both can manipulate people to their will and they both seem to have the same dialogue with their male companion. The only difference is that with Moe and her male companion Male lead Character, when she tries to manipulates him to her will he always shut her down without a moments thoughts, and that she will not murder her own parents to be free (though we are not entirely sure of that fact because it seem she is suppressing a memory but I could be wrong).

oh and this time the male lead is not ignorant to the female leads feelings. despite the emotional train-wreck and roller coaster, its pretty dark, not horror dark though, it is pretty safe to watch I think.

Give it try when you can you might like it. oh its bass of a light novel written with the same name but don’t remember the authors name.


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