Ying yang


Take caution, be practical


Think before then act


To the point of prudish chatter

A lone by stander

Seeking no one, alone

“Wipe your feet at the door”

Please try to be neat about it

Seeking white’s wisdom

A growing intellect

Immaculately sharp


A little too fanatic

Not such an open mind

Unlock and live



I am in need of control

In need of power

independent of the world’s dependence

will of steel

I am for myself

I own myself

Nothing is wasted nothing is basted

Following my own law

Pulling my own straw

Why so serious?

no time to smile no time to fly

do I seem demanding? am I commanding?

Made out to be unemotional

Just not trusting. not that fussy

keeping the worlds negative at bay

Ignoring the world negative say

A rebellious nature, an insecure culture

Black needs their control

Black needs power

Be thankful

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Be very thankful

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A wish

Every night

I wish up on the stars

to turn back these hands

back to the day we met

back to the day our hearts connect

when our love haven’t regressed

I wish to tell you these feelings I have suppressed

relive the day you confessed

thank you for that time

thank you for being my life

it was fun while it lasted

A simple wish

upon a star