Rise Above

Source: Rise Above

We continue to fight both the angels and demons of our past, in some shape or form, until we die. I believe that true and absolute reconciliation with our regrets, misdemeanors and mistakes is a modern psychological myth – one which particularly suits evangelists of all colours. That is not to say that we cannot come to live relatively free of the constant gnarled and gnawing pain of self-retribution, but it is a great theological charade to pretend that we can be absolved of all consequences, in perpetuity, of the darker shadows of memory and responsibility. That is the mystical get-out-of-hell-free card of the finest snake-oil tub-thumpers in our midst. Take responsibility for your historic actions in order to re-stake a claim on volition, perspicuity and the moral good, but not because of a doctrinal dogma that says they are sins, and that you will always be sinful, and that a good and brave man once died to prove this. Rise above this narrow penitence and face the great and grave truth in the mirror…the past cannot be undone and the future is yours alone. Face the truth in his name if that is meaningful and necessary, but do it on the terms in front of your eyes, your own soul, not in the fog of received wisdom or the legends and truisms of the ancients.


People are chained by the teaching of ancient times and what should been done and what should not been done from birth brainwashed to follow and to not question or to not look into what is said for yourself to come to a conclusion. do we really have freewill?

Have a read people, this is some good stuff. the source of this expose is above. ^___^


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