Reminiscing at that low point

ATLP (the Seventh)


Thinking back, I wrote many things

All about experience I had

Dreams I had, world I wished exist

Worlds I wished I lived in

Love, sadness, bliss, silly, and some witty, some I shared, some are still hidden

My mind is a mystery, my heart knows its history

But still the paper, my pen is still not enough

To convey my feelings which are infinite

Doesn’t stop to rest doesn’t have any bit of stress

They cry out in each words,

Hoping to be caught by someone heart

Seeing the actual meaning between each part

I am always dreaming when I am awake

But rarely when I am asleep

Not straightforward, they are all symbolic

Who is an interpreter? Preferable one that is not alcoholic

I am ‘down to mars’, distant

will you Journey with me while we reminisce…

Our psycho script


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