Characters Design

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Well been on a drawing spree lately, and these are the results. My character designs, characters for a graphic design I am thinking of doing, well one is in the process right now, Knights of the Dragons, others are Search for Camelot, Heroes Legacy, Metal Force and many more to come. Heroes Legacy will have links to all the other series where some the major characters in each will be working together on a common goal whether on the good side or the bad side but there will be characters that will be only be seen in heroes Legacy unless they are linked to the others growth or initiation. there will be does that are linked to all for example the Guardians, they sit above looking on below, everywhere, keeping watch of every corner.

that’s about it for now but not the end, more drawing spree continues. will be drawing some scenes in efforts to upgrade my skills until I master it to my full potential. 

oh and yes I have all the plot in my head, all jumbled up inside there waiting to used. I probably should write them done before they decide to leave and never return.


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