Twice Searching …


Searching for belonging

(I am living)

I am living a life of bliss

Living a life as a miss fit

Knowing not where I belong

Searching my words for clues

Living a life of a detective

With a drench coat and hat

My tobacco pipe, a book of stats

“Elementary, dear Watson…”


Let’s review the clues

I am living in reality

I am living in a dream

Living in love, living in hate, living with disappointment

Living with anger, living in danger

Where in there do I belong?

Living among creations, living within a nation

Colourful yet dim, dim yet blinding

Living among wonders, surrounded by boredom

I am creative I am intuitive

Living in silence, surrounded by noise

Where among them do I belong?

 “go an adventure to find where you belong”

But for now I am Living….



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