Let’s call it ‘Life: The Hero, The Villain’

this one was done by me and mostly Deanne World: https://deanneworld.wordpress.com/

Life can break your heart
Have you crawling on your knees
Begging and pleading please please
Won’t you stop the pain from shooting 
Bullets through my heart 

Life can cloud your mind 
Have you floating on cloud nine
Begging and pleading please please
Don’t make this be another dream dipped 
In mind’s reality never meant to be 

Life can stir you up 
Have you feeling like a batter
Begging and pleading please please
Just let me be! Can’t you see through me
I’m shattered and scattered

Life have had me begging 
Begging all the time and still leave me
Nursing gravels from what’s left of me
So I’m done with life’s games
Always respawning life’s shames

Life seems like the hero
“Behold my Justice!” to court!
But have me pleading yet again 
Please grant me immunity 
So I may have an opportunity 
To love and live with impunity

Life is the villain
Bringing all shame and pain
Breaking you of your knight’s armor
Bringing you to resolve to keep your honor
Dropping to its knees begging please spare me

Life is unpredictable
Throws at you probability and chance
Scratch and win, have you begging
Please please be my lucky break

Life, a villain, a hero
A story can end many different ways
Filled with dreams and wishes, have you

Begging and pleading please become my reality


5 thoughts on “Let’s call it ‘Life: The Hero, The Villain’

      1. The name is good… I really wanted to tweak it some. it’s been in my draft folder for so long. I guessed it had to be published today 🙂 your portion was great. I’m just insecure about the part I wrote 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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