ATLP part 6: The Individual

At that low point part 6

The Individual

Understanding the individual

Stems from how they live, what they think

Taking into consideration their motion

What they do, what they say

Listening and observing their notion

Straightforwardness or subtleness in their words

The secret they hide, the smile that blinds

Tell me, how bad is it to be a silent existence?

Listen when I say this….

If they wanted to know you, they will acknowledge your presence

Dwell not on the results, but the method of reaching the results

‘Hard work persistence’  

Even if you fail…then you will know where to fix

Then you will know you are unique

is it not better to be an original, than a copy

Which has the best quality?

It is you, not something to own like property

Tell me, who are you?


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