Forgiving Lies

forgiving lies

unforgiving truth

we live  in a world where lies clean while truth pollutes

where our minds are the norm while our hearts are flukes

go along with the terms or your life will be nuked

our free will is revoked, the right choice brings you suffocation

your life is choked…out

its lives in the shadow, its a mystery

something straight out of history

its valid, “hey do me a solid….”

tell no one what you have seen here

you become well renowned

well known, all your pleasures,

‘you are living of your own leisure’

‘it pays to be brainless’

how much do you make? feeling rich?

check if you have it, you might have miss placed it

lies builds while truth destroys,

who came up with this ploy?

where truth run a mess, lies will come to your rescue

aren’t you bless

unforgiving truth forgiving Lies

what’s your reply?


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