At that low point….interlude, part 5 if you please

Interlude Pocket shallow,

unable to pay attention Pseudo-pain how do I release these tension

Looking into a broken mirror hoping to see a reflection

All I see is pieces in ripples

Trying not read too much into these fiddles

With it each step leaks laughter and giggles

But in the sense of it, it seems I am always in the middle

My strongest weakness,

has taken its foot hold My trampling is its goal,

I am in its palm Having me relying on it to become calm

It’s my ticket to “the outer mind airway”

Pleasure and all its fair play,

feeding my addiction

He uses it as a distraction, it’s all in his prediction

Manipulation with his heated fork

Sinister laughter, mischievous caster, I am under his spell

How do I overcome this? Please play me that heavenly harp

Pull me out this addictive hell, break this addicted spell

Capturing images of brown skin buns, raisin on each

Eyes hooked, through the screen my hands unable to reach

I would be lying if I wasn’t afraid, I am scared

Can you see it? Surrounded by walls, I am kept still by chains

On my face are hidden pains, can you see it?

Read this with filters, my words are nude,

This is At that low point interlude, part 5 if you please


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