Let it be free…Your Imagination


-The UnSpoken-

Have you ever decided to just be lazy for a day at specific moment in time and sit back? Staring at the sky letting mind run wild, no limits? No holding back? Relaxation has not been that rejuvenating, the images that flow through you mind is painted across the sky, you are your own director. Something we call ‘projected imagery’ of the mind. As your mind is allowed to think without any limits or any distraction, a story is unraveled, each images are put together like a jigsaw puzzle. Whether you are thinking on the past or thinking of a possible future, even if you felt like fantasying a world of your liking it can be do right there and then. The sky will be your canvas, your mind will be the paints and your eyes are the pens/brushes, you are free draw/paint whatever comes to ‘mind’.

What is your feeling at that moment? Sadness? Loneliness? Angry? Happiness? Content? Entertained? Or maybe mixed feelings? Even your imagination can bring out emotions you may not even show in front of any other persons. This effect can be achieved if you own it and nurture it the right way not let die or getting out of control. It can serve as a means to get your thoughts in order, figuring out something you may be at loss for and need time to think over. Getting away from a stressful situation is a good thing in it of itself, meaning, though some may run away from their problems and enter the world of dreams may not return to reality because its more saver there in mind, but on the other hand it’s good to get away from the stress and rejuvenate. Returning to the situation with clearer head and is able to come with a solution for the issue at hand. With imagination you may need a strong mind to return from the world of dreams and wishes.

Unless you are an artist, writer, director so on, it’s safe to say that’s when it’s probably a good idea to let your imagination to run wild, well because then that ‘mind adrenaline’ may become inspiration for a new project or ideas for existing project you are at stand still for. To many a person you may seem languor, when in actually they don’t understand half of the thoughts that may be going through your mind at that moment, which uses most of our energy to do. Perfect scenarios are conjured from such occurrences, believe it or not, such are books, movies, games and other artistic designs you come to ardor where brought to life. Another part of the powerful imagination is giving an idea life to interact with others around, sharing each other’s feelings.

My advice is let it run wild once in a while, you won’t come to regret it at all. In the event you do decide let it run wild, do keep it on a small leash as to not cause too much of damage. Treat it as if it was your pet dog, take it on a walk once a while, with a leash because it can get away from you and cause trouble where it should not. If you are confident that it will not run lose and that you trained it well enough to behavior without a leash then be all means let go, freedom is something more valuable than any. You will learn a lot about yourself you didn’t even notice, it’s worth it.

A random thought that ended becoming a page, well it’s the ‘Ballad of the Mind from the thoughts of a dreamer’


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