Knights of the Dragons

Knights of the Dragons

A Working progress, knights of the dragon cover illustrations. At a younger age I was fascinated in drawing fantasy novels, one after the other. Though I would usually get scold for using up the papers. I was often told I should be drawing real things not and not always these fantasy, I don’t think I ever got any praise or compliment for them. Thinking back on it, I can only say they didn’t understand my thought process, that I am more drawn to dreams, ‘what if’, fantasy, a world where the impossible Is possible, you either the villian, the hero, the betrayer, boss, the most powerful. You are able to change the world in that universe. They still don’t understand to this day, but that’s another story for another time. Well at that time i made a list of novels would draw, I think was aroundΒ  8 copy, each a different stories, some connected, sorted in different volume under different production names…lol I was so into it then, still fresh in my mind. Why I stop was because I lost that motivation and drive, plus I had school and no one really paid it much attention to really encourage me or something of the sort. Never the less, here I am again, a fresh start, doing it of my own accord, I became my own motivation and drive. Using adobe illustrator, I will attempt to pull off a fantasy graphic novel ‘knights of the dragon’ the first of many. I surely hope it comes out good ^_^

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4 thoughts on “Knights of the Dragons

  1. Looking good so far… Your drawing is awesome. I think you should keep at it. Lately I’ve been working on some stuff of my own. There are things I always wanted to do that have never done before. It feel so confusing and tiring to get it off but I’m going to push through and finish what I set out to do… Maybe I’ll need dome of your drawings for my project πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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