” Butterfly brain”

 Beautiful yet deadly

Colourful yet unfriendly


Absentminded combination

Moving from attraction to attraction

It is a hard thing to stay focus

Wait..what was I doing again…”

Memory lapse?

Just lost interest

Well on to the next distress

Ah!…that looks more appealing

Maybe I should read this for awhile

Now I am here writing

Then I am over there thinking

Next thing I know I am Sleeping


Beautiful yet deadly

Colourful yet unfriendly


Absentminded combination

You ‘butterfly brain’


Dear World

Well I will now try my hands at a letter poem, its my first time so bare with me for awhile. Thank you

Dear World

Could possible slow time to a steady pace

could you remove this unpleasant taste

I don’t mind you being all tough, but could you quit putting up face

is fun to kick person when he is down,

is it fun when he becomes a clown

how shameless when you scorn the weak

how lame its when you act meek

you realize you are rotating on a thin rope

revolving a limited path, due a over pouring wrath

could you tune it down a tad bit

I still want enjoy its bliss,

Thanks in advance


think of your wonders…

Yours Respectfully…

‘Assassin’s Creed’ First Look: Here’s Michael Fassbender as Brand New Character (Exclusive)

Meet Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch in ‘Assassin’s Creed.’ Find out how he fits into the movie’s game world.

Source: ‘Assassin’s Creed’ First Look: Here’s Michael Fassbender as Brand New Character (Exclusive)

The long awaited film version of one Ubisoft greatest creation Assassin’s Creed Franchise. Though won’t be based on any of recent game stories, it will have its own story and characters in the Assassin’s world.

All I can say is I hope it will be worth the watch, always wanted to see how they would depict the game in a real life film, with all the technology advancement the world is facing. It’s due to release next year December.

I would like to feel whats it like to live as my ancestors, The life they had, struggles, determination and adventures. Wouldn’t you?

Lets Tame a Wandering Mind

Concentrate: How to Tame a Wandering Mind


Anybody else having this as a problem, if it is a problem though. Well they always a way to fix a not so serious problem, even a major problem without causing much stress to yourself or others who may be affected by these “problems”. This article can help you in the steps in fixing your easily distracted mind from wandering from an important task.
I will be give it a try to see how much it will do for me.

The UnSpoken Arts


Thoughts over flowing mind

I cannot hold the line, sleepless nights

how do I stop these thoughts, how do I subdue my wrath

need to release these built up energy

where is my wand, pass me the secret ingredient

by the  flow of this ink from this pen

forge me these words

of emotional elegance, psychological acceptance

deep spiritual transcendence capturing soul,

bind them with smooth charisma, brainwash them to listen

now clear this mind leaving it blank, start a new slate, leading a new fate

now by white of this paper, and everything greater, store these words

bind them to the surface, unable to escape, unable to return

grant me this Discharge,

let me write forever after,

whisper to me your answer, come! mind clearer!

now the spell is cast

what will come of this Writers block tale?

Oh My Love..

I like this

Project Mayhem


Oh my love..
I wonder how did you sojourn..
dirt and stench brewing around.
untouched by the worldly sins.

Oh my love..
I wonder how soothing your body might be..
naked pink voluptuous body.
unfazed by my tempting eyes.

Oh my love..
I wonder why are you beyond my reach..
take refuge away from dire.
inside my thumping heart.

Oh my love..
I wonder why you surrender.
beneath the feet of God.
cursed by zealots.

Oh my love..
we aren’t destined to be..
our love can be timeless.
but your life will fade in my arm.

Oh my love..
Angel of hope..
Rise. Grow. Bloom.
shine towards the sun.

Oh my Lotus..

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August Hero Challenge (Theme Love)

Love is your Smile

Finally finished it, three whole week. I am relieved I got done in time to upload it, what you think? Still not one hundred but I think I still accomplished something and learn how use a new program at the same time, Autodesk SketchBook pro. Awesome program this one, still have more to learn about it, I think I can master it and create some great work in the future. Autodesk, along with Photoshop and Illustrator in my hands, I think can do some wonderful designs when I master them.

I do have other personal projects working, now that I am finish with this I safely can say I now can work those without thinking of any deadline and any other distractions.

I feel accomplished. Look forward for more soon.