Embrace it live it

Its hidden in the corner its Hidden deep within

hoping to see the light, hoping you will not put up a fight

wanting to be recognized, wanting you to say “hey!, that’s me”

afraid of rejection, you become something else, true-self not true

but not fake, not whole, left with a hole in identity

a conjured reality, for your safety? self protection

becomes self destruction, expression becomes isolated

eyes become dilated at the sight of the monster, you grew to hate

it’s a hostile take over, the ‘you’ you hid is no longer a four leaf clover

its trying to dig its way to the open eating at your confidence

while you choke, its full

only your acceptance, only your love, embrace it, its you

to become whole you have to accept all, show all, remove the mask

life is a self task

its a Journey, its a quest to be conquered

embrace it, live it accept it

The UnSpoken


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