I may spontaneously become a non-conformist, in the spore of the moment

I am not that highly fond of consistence, maybe that’s a bad thing, but who knows. I am not saying I am not consistent, I can be but I Have very short attention span, so staying on one thing in a loop, non-changing gets pretty boring real quick, Just saying. ย Only, Only if it sparks my interest, my spirit, my soul, my hearts and sets them burning out of curiosity, will I not lose focus or something of that sorts. A good Adrenaline rush is good once in while….no scratch that I need more Adrenaline rush, yes In High dosage. time is moving but I am not, these chains, As though I am Just he time keeper, or seeker. pass me that chainsaw, its time I remove these chains and become refined

oh…well that escalated quickly, that’s some style of writing you got there son, mess of writing, is there such a thing? “ah..well I was just writing what came to mind” I would like to say but I am not quite sure at the moment, I lost the purpose of this content, I think

well no matter, it’s a road to refinement, an endless ballad, let see where it leads me

The Unspoken


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