The Individual is shallow, they scheme they plot

in hopes that you will follow

working to trap you in their loop of deception

while we shower in their pouring description

leading us to sure destruction for mere  entertainment

unaware of the impending judgement

walking all over you as though you are solid cement

laughter, cheers, chuckles, your pain is their amusement

low-esteem shows its scheme, plot-twist, unreachable dreams

who’s helping hands? down and out, here comes the ‘step on you gangs’

make a run for it, hidden behind your timidness, driven to madness

going according to script, you lost all sense of individuality

death to identity, no knowledge of reality you are now a pawn a puppet

with no budget, they string you along, you move along with their gesture

no sense of adventure, no knowledge of their culture

attention seekers, authority keepers

no sense of duty,”oh look,isn’t she a cutey?”

they don’t care how good is your life

“my brother how’s the wife”

The individual maybe Shallow


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