At That low point (The fourth)

Without end I Search without direction I wonder

No destination in sight, without thoughts I ponder

What have I been doing? What have I been working for?

They say we have freedom we are free, but what is freedom? I am unable to see

Freedom with chains freedom with stains

I want to move forward I want move out of this hole

Remove these chains of self and duty, chains of obligation and procrastination

What is wrong? What is right? What is truth? What is lies?

I seek knowledge but does it seeks me?

I seek purpose but fear causes me lose focus

Mental support? Parental court

Do you know me? Do understand me?

You claim we are blood but you don’t get me

You claim we should come together but we are miles apart

Your ideals is your ideals mine is mine, we live we learn

We die, then what? I am an outcast, I am sitting on the outside looking on the inside

Thinking out the box while you are inside the box

Where do I belong? Can you tell me?

I am a danger to myself and everyone else

I need a vacation to an island of desolation

Of solitude, I need to be refined I need to be defined

Road to refinement I have entered this endless ballad

I have entered an endless waltz of Mind travelling,

Travelling the road of truth unravelling

It’s the ballad of the mind from the thoughts of a dreamer.


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