Mind Travelling

Mind Travelling

Come with me on that adventure, we go venture

Deep within my mind to unravel my inner culture

No entre if you’re a vulture, no messing with my future

You are no time machine, nor my mind machine

I will choose which direction I lean

Let me explain what’s the mean, open your ears, is it clean?

Listen, I am be your inspiration join me for some motivation

Am I tell you how I do it or what I try to do

Here’s the first clue, don’t just use your eyes, use your mind

Use your heart, even your instincts plays a part

Doesn’t make you weak, doesn’t make you small, you become keen

Seeing what was not seen, hearing what was not heard

Feeling what was not touched and such

Next? Your inner factor equals your external factor

“What happen when an immovable objects meets an unstoppable force?”

You get it?

You are the Immovable object, inner, they are the unstoppable force, outer

Don’t be moved by their words, their words won’t stop, even if you ‘flop’

Where’s the strength, the heart, the mind

Has its own mind, It think for itself

While you sleep it doesn’t, it sleeps when you are awake

It rest on its own time, it grows, it commit no crime

It learns, it knows, it sees, it taste, it feels, it smells

Knowledge is its primary food, feed it well

Don’t let it dwell, on past actions, let it tell, of future Tractions

It goes deep, deep in thoughts, deep in dreams

It goes off the deep end


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