That low point (part2)

Back one more ‘gain, at that low point

Round two, a lot on my mind, an alone place to unwind

A place where I can look at time, and press rewind

Back to where life was bit easier to find

No hide and go peek no decide and go Seek

Jus chill and jus live no pill and no jus give

My future is in my hand but I can’t hold it

My life is mine but I can’t own it

My future is bright but I can’t see it

“On The road to success”, I think I’m lost

No direction, no goals, no affection, no roles

I keep messing things up, why? Anyone have the answer?

What is my life worth? Where do I go henceforth?

I guess I am at a ‘crossroad’ decision decision

Lacking determination missing motivation

Lost inspiration someone please call purpose


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