This ma epilogue, a day in our life

This may end up becoming a monologue

Don’t have time? Well then son Run along

End to a chapter not an end to the story,

Have a seat let me rap you a catalogue

You can live your life or you could watch ours

Whether digital or analog

Whatever you prefer, our life interesting, well step in the synagogue

Meet your pedagogue let me rap you my travelogue

Well back to reality, its life and all its duality

High on thoughts I’m defying gravity, why can’t I do it?

Cuz I’m bound by time bound by my people thinking

I might be getting evil while telling me to be evil, outside of the home

They have never seen me, ma life’s a mystery

“Sssh”, it’s a secret, can you keep it?

Hanging by a thin rope, not to fall in tha abyss

In need of an adventure, in need of a new culture

Feeling bit nomadic lets travel, “I’m being fanatic”

I think you are being dramatic, I’m feeling a bit ecstatic

You don’t get it? Well forget it, I’m being a bit Socratic


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