Awaken Echo

Awaken Echo, I’m blind I see voices showing me my Mal-choices

That cause me to hardly… cause me, pause, I just lost me

A word with ma demon, saying to pledge a legion

Not perfect neither good nor bad

I’m me not a wanna be, cool as can see

In the middle of my little mess I forget how big I’m blessed

Worrying, wondering, why hell I’m so stressed my mind my thoughts are in need of rest

I think this is tha Lord’s test And all I do is detest

The holes in this misfortune riddled vest

Misfortune the bullet; that’s piercing my chest

I’m not sure, but I’ll take a guess

When you meet the ‘man’ you’ll be saying please

But you can’t plead the fifth, he plead you myth

Like you never exist you won’t be missed

So bye bye, reality just gave you a kiss

Don’t take this the wrong way, go the right way, straight

No corners, no bending, I’m sorry i‘m not offending

Where are my manners, oh they are pending yeah I got a lot but I don’t think I’m lending

Whether you are a wake or a sleep, your mind, your thoughts

Life f*cking your plots, outsmarted? Out witted?


Twisted into inescapable knots, untying you miss your shots

I believe that is a ‘plot twist’,


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