At that low point ‘thrice’

This my current situation back at that low point, a third time?

Somewhere between thoughts and a blurred line

Watching time go by, left behind?

Time to use my own mind, at that low point, ‘thrice’

I did it twice to be precise, is there anyone here who can spear some good ol’ advice?

No price free of charge out of the goodness of your ‘heart’?

Lost but found cross but sound trying to start a living am I grown?

Telling me to follow their orders, am I a clone?

Seek the beauty of the Earth reject the darkness of the world

Souls are flickering they going dim projected image like a popular film

This reality not sim you slip you will meet grim

Feeling down, I am stuck in a box but

My mind outside thinking why is this box sinking

We aren’t normal we insane. We are different, it causes them pain

On a need know to basis, you don’t need to know

On a get rich basis, you won’t get rich

Throwing tantrum like a bitch, no different from the world

Not something to your liking you under mind it

Something too simple you over think it, is you smart? Really?

You silly?

These are words unspoken, words you never heard, words never read

Words I have said, in my head


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