A piece of ‘beautiful world’

You can catch me looking at the ‘8 wonders’ of the world

Yh, Where it’s more visible, in my dreams where I’m more Amissible

Painted by the greatest artist, they call him the ‘creator’, God the

Father, Lord Almighty, Jehovah…witness by great teachers appointed by him

In this day and age, the world’s going dark, yeah it’s getting dim

Friends with the shadows running to meet grim

Rerun like a broken film having  thoughts should I travel?

There is a beautiful world to unravel

Stop thinking and sit back and fathom, Roaming the night like I live in Gotham

Fight off the shadows, living under a mask, trying to find my purpose, my beloved task

Wondering the Earth, find myself unmasked, look at its beauty and basked….


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