What if

Wow, wow…this was good…didn’t expect that last part..awesome


Amanda is a very beautiful person inside and out. She is careful with her wording when talking to others, not wanting to offend them. Her steps are graceful and her voice is pleasing to listen to. She makes friends easily. Amanda walks to work everyday in tennis shoes that she exchanges for solid colored pumps when entering the office door. Carefully put together she goes to her desk, boots her computer, and sets herself down for a day of work. This is the same routine everyday. There is little to break that working tradition besides weekends of fun with friends and family. You would think Amanda is quite happy and content. Little would you know of the underlying discontent.

Monday morning came harsh and bright. It was warm outside. Amanda reluctantly rose and walked to her alarm clock slamming a hand down to silence it. She put her alarm on her…

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