This is probably random…probably

Let’s write these verses to lift these curses 

make it a gift, it’s now your present, use it to build your future

moving forward, make a stop, rest

confess, this is not a test

what it takes, determination? confrontation? communication?

are you subjective? or objective?

what is your focus? are you all about us?

why are you cautious? where is your trust?

what to you is just, to them it is a fuss

what to you is a plus, to them is lust

what is on your mind? thoughts? life? beyond? someone? me?

today is? not quite sure but not unsure

are these things really that unrelated?

happy belated.….

enough of this one…next one will be a bit silly


time to make you smile, i like to see you smile 

haven’t seen it in awhile

by the way do you smile?


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