Silly Me

” you didn’t tell me you write”

all this time I texted you, you didn’t realized?

oh wait, that’s typing…

*clears throat* yes, I write, we all do

we learn’t it at school with a pen, you know ‘Penmanship’

“that’s not what I mean’t”

oh, mmm

think about it, there is penmanship  right, so is there ‘penwomanship’ ?

“silly boy”

silly me

thinking up these weird thoughts

if you gonna say something, be specific

because if I am feeling silly, I will really

get on your nerves, funny annoying

deploying your smile, once in a while

silly me

turning a serious matter into a silly chatter

trying to keep a straight face, wait? when did you ever had a lean face?

can you keep up with this pace?

” you dig this?”

with a shovel and pickax

Silly me


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